About iTheater:

In my freshman year of college, I organized and led a few dozen volunteers to create the first media center application for the Macintosh. The release of the Mac Mini at MacWorld San Francisco 2005 inspired me to explore the possibility of keeping a small computer in the living room to discover and present an array of multimedia content in a user-friendly way.

iTheater is an open source project that was released under the GNU GPL license and has been downloaded over 140,000 times world-wide. The application’s main features allows users to organize and play  music, movies, photos and DVDs without the need of a keyboard and mouse.


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Revision History:

iTheater Public Releases
Release Date Version Features
1/31/06 iTheater 0.1 First public release
2/19/06 iTheater 0.1.1 Bug fix release
6/10/06 iTheater 0.1.2a New UI, New Playback engine, Numbered Menu System added to Music module
8/25/06 iTheater 0.1.2 Apple Remote support, Letter Skipping
2/3/07 iTheater 0.1.3 Preference PaneWii Remote support, Playlist Support
4/15/07 iTheater 0.1.4 Expanded preferences, bug fixes, major rearchitecting of software to accommodate future enhancements
7/14/07 iTheater 0.2.0 Update system and support for multiple monitors included

Source Code Download:

Project Release Notes:

The iTheater Team:

Ed Wolf – Project Manager/Systems Support & Services

Ben Goulding-Huckle – Application Development Manager

Keir Ansell – New Media & Community Relations

Ivan Ramirez – Lead Programmer

Colin Gavin – Programmer

Jason Cheung –Programmer

John Ogle –Programmer

Matt Gibbons –Programmer

Pierre Gilot –Programmer

Caius Durling – Documentation

Special thanks to: AusDatahost, SourceForge, PixelNetDesign, Brian Zeithler, Luke Lahnstein, Max Hawking, our beta team, and our entire community . Thank you all!


AusDataHost –

CVSDude –


SPACE – Pauses video / DVD / Music

ESC – Return to iTheater main menu

ENTER – Select

UP – Menu up

DOWN – Menu down

LEFT – Video step back, Navigate menu to next level, Select video

RIGHT – Module Selection, Video step forward, Navigate menu to last level

‘s’ – Stops video & returns to last menu



1. When iTheater starts, press the red sync button or buttons 1 & 2 simultaneously until the first LED illuminates

2. Use the D-Pad to navigate, B button to escape, and A to select


– Photo playback still not fully functional

– iTheater update system is dormant

– Video thumbnail of matroska (.mkv) vide files not supported

– Pause button on Apple remote does not work sometimes


If you find a bug, please visit to log a bug report.




– Added multiple monitor support

– Added iTheater System bar item for quick config

– Added Matroska filetype support

v0.1.4 (Developer-Friendly Release)


– Created iTheater.framework API

– Added third party plugin support

– Added third party module support



– Added dynamic module/plugin preferences

– Facelift for the prefpane

+ Added tabbed design

+ Modified overall layout

– Added iTheater startup/shutdown tansitions

– Added ability to change iTheater sounds



– Added caching capability for web-based modules/plugins

– Created uninstaller for iTheater



– Added plugin development guide to wiki

– Added module development guide to wiki

– Added code examples to wiki

– Created test environment program for modules/plugins



– Added iTheater system preference pane

– Added ability to change weather location & degree unit

– Added ability to change background images

– Added ability to change default music, video and photo locations



– Play iTunes playlists



– Fixed video thumbnails



– Installer created

– Wii Remote support added

– OS X 10.3 support ends

– Misc. code cleanup and bug fixes


UI Changes:

– Fixed the widget bar, no more black

– Some Text Formating

– Whole New Menu System


Video Module:

– Alias are now supported

– Preview snapshot of the video in the info window

– Playback engine updates

– Pauses music when you play a video


Music Module:

– Album Art in the info window

– iPod Style Menu

– Press a letter and it will skip to that letter in the menu



Now Playing Widget

– Album Art

– UI updated

– Can Press Space To Pause Music Anywhere in iTheater



– Apple Remote Support

v.1.2 alpha

UI Changes:

– Well lets just say we re did the whole UI


Video Module:

– Bug fixes

– Code Cleaned Up

– Playback engine updates


DVD Module:

– Bug fixes

– Code Cleaned Up


Music Module:

-Whole new playback engine used

-Much Quicker


Image Module

– Slideshow of iPhoto Pictures added

– Pause added

– Rating and image name added



Now Playing Widget

– More info added

– UI updated


– Format and UI updated


UI Changes:

– Align date line in clock widget but cant get the 2006 to align

– Clock update now works in 10.3


Video Module changes:

– Minor formatting tweaks


DVD Module changes:

– Will play any DVD already inserted into drive when the DVD module is initiated

– Pressing “esc” during playback will bring up title menu

– Pressing “m” anytime will quit the DVD module and bring up iTheater’s main


– Improved general stability

– Added selection menu

– Shows all valid DVD folders under ~/Movies

– Shows DVDs inserted in drives

– Shows symbolic links (created using “ln -s” in shell) pointing to valid DVD

folders under ~/Movies

– Pressing “esc” in DVD title menu will bring up DVD selection menu

v.1 Milestone 1

-FIXED: Music Menu Bugs

v.03 BETA (internal release)

-ADDED: Music Module

-FIXED: Video Menu Bugs

-FIXED: Inconsistent module/code calls

-FIXED: Removed memory leaks

v.02 BETA

-ARCHITECTURE: iTheater now is a Universal Binary

-ADDED: First version of the iTheater video player

+FIXED: If a title is too long, the faded name (at the top left corner of the screen)

spills over onto the navigation section

+FIXED: Going back to main menu from video causes video to remain playing in

the background

-ADDED faded titles to each of the modules

-FIXED Fade in error

-FIXED Fade in speed (decreased total amount of fade time)

-Clock widget now displays time in 12 hours & blinking :

-Cleaned up main UI

-Changed controls

v.01 BETA

-First iTheater Beta released to testers